Continuing Education

ASHA 2023 Continuing Education Schedule:

Thai Table Massage

September 30th – October 1st, 2023

9:00 am to 5:00 pm (one hour lunch break)

14 CEUs
NCBTMB approved

Price: $425

Instructor: Mia Battaglia

Course Description:

You will learn a full body 60-90 min Thai Table Massage. Thai massage includes energy line work and stretches to help move stagnant energy ( wind ) out of the body. This class comes with a work book that includes pictures and written descriptions of everything you be be learning.

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BONUS CLASS: Healthy Boundaries in Energy Work

October 7th, 2023

Saturday 9am-1pm

4 CEUs
NCBTMB approved

Price: $

Instructor: Ellen Santistevan

DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND, THIS IS A BONUS SECTION OF THIS CLASS. Healthy Boundaries in Energy Work is a highly experiential ethics class, designed for you to actually learn to palpate the energy fields of the body — not only for your client but also for yourself. In this way, you will learn to have greater clarity about yourself and your client, avoid enmeshment and entanglement, conserve your own energies, and maintain boundaries in a healthy, respectful, and non judgmental way. This class is a prerequisite for “Developing your Listening Hands” and “Integrating Polarity Therapy into Your Massage Practice”

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Developing Your Listening Hands, Pt. 2: Fascial Movement & Visceral Motility

October 7-8th, 2023

Saturday 2-6pm, Sunday 9am-1pm.

12 CEUs
NCBTMB approved

Price: $335

Instructor: Ellen Santistevan

Building on the skills developed in part 1, you will learn to travel along the fascia and connect with the abdominal viscera to detect and witness for restrictions and scarring that contribute to musculoskeletal dysfunction. Simply contacting and listening can allow the body to reorganize in more helpful ways and ease chaotic compensation patterns without using force.

Prerequisite: Developing Your Listening Hands, Pt. 1: Cranial Rhythms

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Listening Hands 2:

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Foundational Training – Beginning to Build a Trauma Informed Understanding

October 13-15th, 2023

Friday 3pm -6pm, Saturday 9am – 5pm, Sunday 9am – 5pm

20 CEUs
NCBTMB approved

Price: $350-450

Instructor: Rachel Getecha

This training offers 15 hours of in-person training sessions and 5 hours of self-study for anyone who is interested in learning more about how to heal trauma through an evidence based – body centered healing modality called Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY). TCTSY is the first and most thoroughly vetted trauma sensitive yoga model in the world. This training helps participants build a trauma informed understanding through which they are able to better understand how trauma impacts us both relationally and systematically. This Trauma Sensitive Yoga model (TCTSY) that you will become acquainted with is based on 20+ years of research and practice. This training takes an intersectional approach to examine how trauma manifests in the body, mind, relationships, and through systems. Training participants are given a research based approach to understanding trauma informed best practices while also gaining knowledge in how to not recreate and replicate trauma through the TCTSY model. Additionally, trauma informed – body centered movement/yoga, breath, and grounding practices will be explored as a pathway towards healing in the body.

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Modifications for Trans and Gender Diverse Communities

Postponed until Spring

1pm – 4pm

3 CEUs
NCBTMB approved

Price: $100 ($90 if also registered for ‘Ethical Practice for Trans and Gender Diverse Communities’)

Instructor: Nasrene Kordani

his class is designed for folks who have either a lived experience of being trans and/or gender diverse and allies/accomplices who have taken ‘Ethics for Trans and Gender Diverse Communities’ OR an equivalent course of study.

Class objectives: Learn about masculinizing modifications including surgeries, medications, presentation, and binding and understand how these modifications impact the body – Learn about feminizing modifications including surgeries, medications, and presentation and understand how these modifications impact the body – List indications, cautions, and contraindications for massage for masculinizing and feminizing modifications – List adaptations for trans and gender diverse clients in the treatment room and on the intake form, and personal behavior.

These courses were designed by a trans person (Me! Nasrene!) to introduce and deepen LMT’s understanding of the needs in my beloved transgender and gender diverse communities. These courses are for current LMT’s, students who are learning advanced techniques, and educators of future massage therapists. I designed them for cis, trans, and gender diverse students in mind. Through didactic presentation and discussion these courses will enhance one’s ability to work with this population and to guide instructors on the needs of trans and gender diverse students. These courses are taught remotely as well as in person, separately or together. 

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Calcium Deposits & Powerpoint Deep Tissue

October 15, 2023

8 CEUs
NCBTMB approved

Instructor: Tatyana B. Richmond

Price: $280

Introducing A Course That Is Over 75% Hands-On Learning –
Making Your Deep Tissue Massage More Effective for Your Client, As Well As Easier and Safer for You!
We Guarantee You Will Learn Something New To Integrate Into Your Practice!!

Course Description:
(Recommended For LMTs With 2+ Years Experience)

Calcium Deposits
(Neck, Shoulder Mobilization):
Calcium Can Accumulate In The Body Where It Doesn’t Belong: Tendons, Muscles, Fascia … Creating Discomfort, Pain, Inflammation, Limiting ROM.

Introduction To Power Point Deep Tissue
(Working With The Tissue Not Against It):
Therapeautic Deep Tissue Technique: While Highly Effective, Less Painful For The Patient And The Therapist.

Upon Completion Of The Course, You Will Be Able To: 
Locate Calcium Deposits
Treat Calcium Deposits
Increase ROM In The Neck And Shoulders
Register now:

Phone: 272-257-9319

Kinesiotaping Foundations

October 20-21st, 2023

20 CEUs
NCBTMB approved

Instructor: Matthew Villegas

Price: $729 (Tape Included)

Become certified in Dr. Kenzo Kase’s original taping method!

Whether you need the CEUs or have been wanting to learn the art and science of Kinesio® Tape, here is your chance. Come learn all the ways this innovative method can be applied. Upgrade your skills with a Kinesio Tape certification and change your practice forever!

Course includes:

  • Two bulk rolls of tape (retail price $120)
  • Industry certification as a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP®)
  • A digital instruction manual
  • 20 NCBTMB approved CEUs (four online pre-course CEUs plus 16 hands-on hours)
  • Access to the Kinesio Taping database, which includes dozens of taping applications
  • A foundation for taking  advanced Kinesio Taping specialty courses, including pediatrics, sports/ortho, neurological, and hand therapy

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Ethics: Risky Business

October 28th, 2023


4 CEUs
NCBTMB approved

Price: $112

Instructor: Ellen Santistevan

Massage therapists work in one of the most intimate professional settings that we can imagine. There are considerations about touch, clothing, draping, emotional releases, client confidentiality, fiduciary relationships, attraction, attention, egotism, self esteem, gossip, dual relationships, energetic entanglement, and more. There are many ways we can cross boundaries, whether inadvertently or on purpose, and all of them hinge on a lack of self-awareness. This class is designed to explore potential ramifications of different types of boundary crossings and offer a safe place for discussion of real life situations that therapists have found themselves in as well as potential solutions for thorny problems.

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Risky Business:

Myofascial Release

October 28-29th, 2023

12 CEUs
NCBTMB approved

Price: $295

Instructor: Alexander “Otter” Vernon

In this workshop we will practice hands-on techniques using myofascial release manipulations on the body; superficial techniques, such as direct stretching, indirect stretching, torquing, petrissage skin rolling and deep fascial techniques such as gliding, pin and glide, compression, bowing, torquing and using the bones and appropriate amounts of oil. We will discuss fascia and connective tissue, thixotropy, pioneers in the field, contraindications and appropriate body mechanics.

Required supplies:

  • 1 set of (preferably) full size sheets and pillowcase
  • 2 hand towels
  • 8 oz unscented massage oil

Mana Lomi Level 2 (Advanced Techniques)

October November 9th-12th, 2023

34 CEUs
NCBTMB approved

Price: $650

Instructor: Carol Hart

In this 4-day format, you will learn advanced Mana Lomi® techniques including hot towel therapy, specific protocols for the entire body, and Hawaiian spiritual philosophies. Topics briefly covered are the relationship of the golgi tendon organ (GTO), muscle spindle fibers and pain receptors, compression/traction techniques and their effectiveness, palpation skills emphasized for sensitivity, emphasis on problem-solving skills, Hawaiian chants, body positioning for better effectiveness, overlapping upper body and lower body sequences, SI joint protocol and more!

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Myotherapy for Chronic Pain

December 8-10th, 2023

24 CEUs
NCBTMB approved

Price: $599 ($499 early-bird special until Nov. 1st)

Instructor: Jennifer Griffin

Myotherapy is the assessment of the body to find holding patterns, restrictive joint movement and trigger points. We isolate the problem area and use trigger point compression, movement of the skeleton, joint mobilization, and passive stretching to bring the body back into balance. This class is optimal for those who have clients who have difficult issues to treat and many times have been living with chronic pain. This work is based on the work of Janet Travell and Bonnie Prudden.

Look for many, many more classes to be added soon!

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