Polarity Training Program Description

ASHA  200 Hour Polarity Program

Developed and taught by Sarah McDaniel Valencia

 Dates TBA; please check back soon!

Polarity Therapy is a gentle, holistic approach to health which includes stretching postures, energetic touch, nutrition and verbal consultation elements. Life energy (also called qi or prana) pulses throughout every living being between the positive and negative poles in our bodies. When in balance, we experience physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Dis-ease occurs when our life energy is blocked or out of balance. Polarity Therapy promotes the balance of these life energies to support your body’s own natural resources and to bring your being into balance for optimal health. 

Polarity Therapy has a synergistic relationship with other alternative or complementary modalities, as well as with allopathic (“Western”) medicine, and can assist with everything from simple relaxation needs to more chronic health concerns.

Now is the time to learn and practice healing energy medicine.

Polarity Therapy is a modality for the healing of ourselves, our loved ones, and our world; it’s potent medicine for these times.

In this course, you will be empowered with holistic, nature-based wellness, including bodywork, nutrition, communication, and movement.

Join us in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for a program embracing integrity and respect, and offering deep support for whomever and wherever you are.

“Life is an approach through all avenues of understanding.” 

~ Dr. Randolph Stone, Founder of Polarity Therapy

Sarah McDaniel Valencia, PTP, CWK, LMT #7447, has been practicing somatic bodywork, energy medicine and the healing arts for 19 years, with experience teaching a variety of subjects. She served as the director of the Polarity Therapy programs at the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, for three years, until the school’s closure in 2015.

Sarah lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with her husband, son and dogs. She loves to cook, garden and explore outdoors, and is committed to serving her community through her heart-centered practice.